Housing Enterprises, Inc. provides their clients with guidance on all areas to assist them through their construction project. Housing Enterprises, Inc. offers:

  • Professional commitment to increasing the number of quality affordable housing units
  • Experienced grant writer receiving numerous awards from HUD, DOH, DECD, CHFA, LIHTC, HTCC, FHLBB and others
  • Extensive experience in development and implementation
  • Strong knowledge of State and Federal laws and regulations governing affordable housing development
  • Evaluation, planning and implementation of historic preservation requirements
  • In-depth knowledge of all facets of Affordable Housing Finance
  • High value placed on teamwork, flexibility, and quality communication at all levels

With the constantly changing markets and demographics of communities, your organization must have an up-to-date plan that reflects your mission. Housing Enterprises, Inc. can work with your organization to plan how best to further your organization's purpose.

Common Challenges
An effective affordable housing program is the product of careful planning and strategizing. Identifying key players, cultivating allies, and "selling" the project helps to accomplish your goals. Our experience working with legal issues, local government, and working in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors in a variety of capacities have honed our skills as a consultant team. By focusing on relationships, we get results.

Addressing community concerns early can mean the difference between success and failure of an affordable and/or supportive housing development. We can provide the following services to help ensure the success of your project:

  • Work with you to set up a community education process
  • Help you determine which design and programmatic elements are and are not negotiable if you are to have a successful project
  • Work with your development team to communicate community issues between you, your architect, your development and financing consultants, and your funders
  • Act as a liaison between the development team and local government
We can be the “point person” for community interaction, leaving your staff and development team to actually develop your project.

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